“Easy On and Off” angle bar



The EASY ON and OFF angle bar is a completely new packaging component!

It guarantees efficient protection of your products.

A continous strip or dots of hot melt glue is applied to the inner edge of the angle bar; the strength of the glue varies according to customer requirements.

This new angle bar is quick to apply, easy to handle, simplifies wrapping of the pallet and is easy to remove.

Given the features of the materials making up the EASY ON and OFF angle bar, there are no problems with disposal as the product is 100% recyclable.








35 x 35 x 3 mm

45 x 45 x 3 mm

Max lenght 1200 mm














hot melt glue applied inside in order to adhere to the boxes on the pallet




silicone adhesive tape applied outside for wrapping the overlapping angle bars




overlapping angle bars

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