Pallets in
cellulose pulp


Cellulose pulp pallets

Sufficient strength, low weight and good stackability prepare this product for one-off use without having to deal with expensive logistics. Pulp molded pallets are an excellent solution for bulky and lightweight products.
The hydrophobic treatment guarantees excellent resistance to humidity and excellent resistance to direct water.

The main advantages to consider are:


  • Ease of recycling. Pallets can easily be added to the paper waste container. It is therefore not necessary to separate wood or metal screws.
  • Lightness of the material. Being made of recycled paper, the product is predisposed to easier handling and savings on transport weight.
  • Cost-effective compared to wooden, plastic and metal pallets.
  • Recyclability. They can be recycled repeatedly at the end of their life cycle.
  • Wooden pallets must be treated specifically to be prepared for export. Paper pallets, on the other hand, do not require any fumigation procedure.

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